The simplest way to add pre-orders and e-commerce 
for any restaurant or catering business

Make more money and then save some too! Any catering business with Smart Menus is able to provide a terrific customer experience and a very valuable restaurant management tool. With no per transaction fees - you keep 100% of your sales. Simple to set up - an extremely low cost asset for any kind of food service. 


Simple to update. Change pricing or add new menu items. Include enhanced information such as allergen details and food notes.


Ready when you are! Add pre-orders and delivery / collection orders with or without payment. No per transaction fees. You keep all of your sales.


Your Smart Menu can reside on your Customers mobile device negating the need for an app download or for you to join a food app “marketplace”

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About Smart Menus

Our purpose is to enable any kind of food service business to offer enhanced digitised versions of their menus which can be viewed or downloaded to any mobile device. These menus have several “smart features” such as the ability for people to order from home, at the table or on the move – making them perfect for any bar, restaurant, take away or outside catering venue. Your customers can also view enhanced information about your menu if you wish. Flexible and customisable – all smartmenus are unique to each venue. Unlike the plethera of national food ordering platforms – you don’t need to split your sales revenue or install over priced equipment. It’s easy to get started – just contact us today and you can be up and running very quickly. You will make more profit with your own bespoke SmartMenus. 

Stadium, Theatre and Events

Enable customers to order and pay for interval menu and drinks orders  – negating the need for queuing which leads to faster service and more sales.

Takeaway Restaurants

The perfect e-commerce / ordering add on for your food service business. Best of all – you own it. No per transaction fees and no long term commitments.

Street Catering

Offer those of your customers on a lunch break the ability to order from you for collection at a time that they can choose.

Exhibition Catering

Enable exhibition visitors to order their food without the need for queuing thereby capturing incremental sales and a smoother kitchen flow.

Allergens & Compliance

Include enhanced menu information such as allergen and calorific information thereby introducing best use and remaining fully compliant.

Pre-Orders for Restaurants

Enable your customers and especially those who book as a group to pre-order their meals in order to receive faster and error free service.

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SmartMenus is a service enabled by AnsaTAG – call us on 0207 129 7815 if you prefer